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Title: Rural Rejuvenation Act CH
Category: Council of Agriculture(行政院農業委員會)
CHAPTER 4 Other Provisions
Article 32
The provisions of article 9 to article14 and article 18 to 22 may, with agreement of related municipal government or county/city governments, apply to rural settlements located within the areas of city plan and national park as long as the rural rejuvenation is considered needed by the consultation result of the central competent authority with other competent authorities concerned. Required expenditure on the approved rural rejuvenation may be sponsored by the rural rejuvenation fund.
Article 33
In the area of rural rejuvenation plan located in city plan or national park, land use remains controlled under the Urban Plan Act and National Park Act.
Article 34
The competent authorities at the municipal and the city/county levels may directly change the annual action plan of rural rejuvenation when natural disaster occurs and causes extensive damages to the rural communities with an approved rural rejuvenation plan, and shall not be subject to the provision stated in the paragraph 1 of article 11 after the annual action plan change is submitted to the central competent authority for future reference.
Article 35
To the dilapidated area within rural community extensively retarding community landscape, sanitation and land use, the competent authorities at the municipal and the city/county levels may directly carry out environmental greening and building maintenance or modification when the residential address and whereabouts of landowner or building-owner is unknown, and there is no disputation raised during 3-month period of declaration bulletined by the competent authorities at the municipal and the city/county levels.
Article 36
In order to protect rural quality of life and production safety, the hazardous waste dumping in agricultural production area and land-use behavior damaging to rural developments shall be prohibited in pursuance with relevant laws of land use management and environmental protection.
Article 37
The implementation rules of this Act shall be established by the central competent authority.
Article 38
This Act shall come into effect as of the date of promulgation.