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Title: Animal Industry Act CH
Category: Council of Agriculture(行政院農業委員會)
Chapter Six Regulations Governing the Dairy Industry
Article 33
Municipal or prefecture/city authority In-charge may conduct irregular or random test of raw milk quality and the result of which shall be filed with the central authority in charge.
Article 34
When necessary, the central prefecture/city authorities in-charge may ask the dairy product manufacturers to submit information concerning the source and the quantity of raw milk collected, and the inventory of the dairy products. The manufacturers must not refuse to submit the said information.
The central and municipal or prefecture/city authorities in-charge, in collaboration with hygienic, environmental, and consumer protection authorities, shall examine the aforesaid information. Dairy product manufacturers must not evade, hinder or refuse without warrant. The inspectors must show their identification when in duty.
Article 35
The National Animal Industry Foundation may organize a raw milk price appraisal committee and summit raw milk reference prices to the central authority in-charge to make an official notice.
The central authority in-charge shall designate or designate or establish a raw milk testing laboratory for the arbitration of the dispute over the raw milk quality between milk producers and dairy product manufacturers.
Article 36
To try to balance the supply/demand situation of cow's milk and goat's milk-the municipal or prefecture/city authority in-charge shall assist milk producers and dairy product manufacturers to enter a raw milk supply and purchase contract. The milk quantity items involved in such contract shall be submitted to the local authority for reference.
Article 37
Manufactured and/or imported dairy products which are covered by the National Standard (CNS) shall be regulated by the CNS rules concerned.