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Title: Midwifery Personnel Act CH
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Chapter 4 Duties and Responsibilities
Article 25
The duties of midwifery personnel are as follows:
1. Delivery of babies;
2. Prenatal examinations and health care guidance;
3. Postnatal examinations and health care guidance;
4. Newborn health care guidance;
5. Childbirth guidance;
6. Other matters determined by the central competent authority.
Midwifery personnel shall compile records when carrying out relevant duties.
The aforesaid records shall be retained by the institutions where the midwifery personnel practice for a period of at least ten years.
Article 26
If midwifery personnel discover that an expectant mother, fetus or newborn is in critical conditions during the practice of midwifery, they shall immediately contact a physician and provide necessary emergency treatment.
Article 27
During the practice of midwifery under normal delivery, midwifery personnel may perform required procedures such as clysis, urethral catheterization, colpoperineorrhaphy, and administration of postnatal oxytocin, if necessary.
Article 28
Midwifery personnel shall not issue birth certificates or stillbirth certificates unless the babies are delivered by them.
Article 29
Midwifery personnel shall not reject or delay the delivery of babies without any reason.
Article 30
Midwifery personnel shall not make false statements or reports when being inquired by health officials, judicial officials, or judicial policemen.
Article 31
Midwifery personnel or staff members of a midwifery institution shall not disclose, without any reason, the confidential information about others acquired or possessed by them in the course of practice.