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Title: Emergency Medical Services Act CH
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Chapter Five Rescue Services
Article 29
Rescue personnel shall proceed to perform on-site services by the order of medical and disaster command center and transport the patients in emergency to the appropriate medical care institution in the vicinity.
Article 30
The municipality and county (city) health authorities shall formulate regulations governing emergency medical services for mass casualty events (including emergency medical services in the wilderness areas) and hold regular drills.
The drills as prescribed in the preceding paragraph may be co-held by fire-fighting agencies in collaboration with the local medical care institutions and ambulance deployment agencies (institutions).
Article 31
The municipality and county (city) competent authorities of health and fire-fighting shall assist the mass casualties in the neighboring regions.
Article 32
The municipality and county (city) governments, when facing mass casualties or wilderness emergency rescue tasks, shall establish on-site coordination and command systems and provide medical related services according to the scale and nature of the disaster and injuries.
When the emergency medical services for mass casualty events or in the wilderness areas as prescribed in the preceding paragraph involve military confidentiality, the military agencies shall be notified for further action.
Article 33
In the event of mass casualty events or wilderness emergency rescues, the participating on-site rescue personnel and ambulance deployment agencies (institutions) shall carry out medical services according to the instructions of the on-site coordination and command system.
Article 34
When carrying out emergency medical services, the rescue personnel shall fill out the rescue records and submit copies to the ambulance deploy agencies (institutions) and patient-admitting medical care institutions for keep for at least 7 years.
The medical care institutions prescribed in the preceding Paragraph shall preserve the rescue records together with the medical records.
Article 35
Rescue technicians and other personnel under the participating agencies (institutions) of emergency medical services shall not disclose, without permission, the information, known or held from performing their own duties.