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Title: Seafarer's Service Regulations CH
Category: Ministry of Transportation and Communications(交通部)
Chapter V Awards and punishment
Section 1 Awards
Article 84
Seafarer awards are categorized into the following:
1. Appreciation
2. Merit.
3. Written commendation or medal.
Article 85
Any seafarer that meets any of the following conditions shall be eligible for appreciation:
1. Outstanding achievement handling specific events.
2. At least three consecutive years of hard work with no negligence.
Article 86
Any seafarer that has any one of the following circumstances shall be eligible for a merit award:
1. Special merit for ship maintenance and repair.
2. Rescue merit for a vessel in distress.
3. Protecting national interests without conceding to stress.
4. Supported various patriotic movements or started and promoted patriotic donation activities.
5. Provided marine knowledge and technology that made an important contribution toward developing the shipping field.
6. Promoted citizen diplomacy with specific results.
7. Other noteworthy achievements.
Article 87
Any seafarer that meets any one of the following circumstances shall be eligible for a written commendation or medal:
1. Had excellent performance for more than ten years.
2. Special merit in rescuing the vessel or other vessels in danger.
3. Outstanding achievements in government loyalty.
4. Preemptively notified or assisted in a major accident to prevent damage to the ship.
5. Innovation or research that improved ship equipment.