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Title: Shipping Act CH
Category: Ministry of Transportation and Communications(交通部)
Chapter 6 Supplementary Provisions
Article 59
If any foreign vessel carrier has been fined for violating the present Act herein and did not establish a branch legally in ROC, and has failed to pay within a specified period after notification, the shipping administration authoritythe shipping administration authority may prohibit its vessels from entering into or departing from any ROC port before a guarantee is furnished.
Article 60
In case provisions involving international matters are not provided in the present Act, MOTC may, by reference, undertake to adopt, promulgate and enact the relevant international conventions or agreements and the regulations, directives, standards, recommendations or programs prescribed in the annexes thereto as provisions.
Article 60-1
Where shipping affairs are otherwise prescribed in an agreement signed between the government of the Republic of China and another country, such prescription shall apply.
Article 61
The present Act shall come into force on the day of promulgation.