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Chapter 3 Provision of Number Portability
Section 2 Providing Telecommunications Services for Subscribers Receiving the Telecommunication
Article 6
The originating Operator shall provide communications services for subscribers receiving the telecommunication by accessing routing information through database queries.
The ways of database queries in the preceding paragraph include:
1. The Originating Operator shall access routing information from the Ported Subscriber Database before the communications links are set up.
2. The Originating Operator shall access routing information from the Ported Subscriber Database through connection with other telecommunication enterprises.
The Databases prescribed in the preceding two paragraphs shall not be the Concentrated Databases, except as otherwise in other laws and regulations or in emergency situation that has been granted by the competent authority.
The Originating Network as referred to in the Paragraph 1 means that the Operator of the originating Ported Subscriber. However, when operator’s subscribers conduct the following communications, obligations under
Paragraph 1 shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of the subparagraphs:
1. Long-distance telecommunication: Telecommunication enterprises providing long-distance telecommunication services.
2. International Voice-based Telecommunications Universal Service: Telecommunication enterprises providing international voice-based telecommunications universal services.
The Originating Operator may commission other Operator to implement the proceedings as referred to in Paragraph 1, the commissioned Operator may charge for relevant fees from the Originating Operator.
When telecommunication enterprises that does not provide international telecommunication service obtain routing information for international non-voice-based telecommunications universal service, the provision and fee for routing information in Paragraph 1 shall be negotiated between the Recipient Operator and other Operators or third parties.