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Chapter 6 Supplementary Provisions
Article 26
Where the Operators did not participate in the committee or did not establish Ported Subscriber Databases in violation of the relevant provisions of these Regulations shall not be exempted from liability attributable to the intention or negligence of their mandataries.
Article 27
When Ported Subscribers terminate use of their original numbers, Recipient Operator shall, within 7 days from the termination of the subscribers, return the subscribers’ numbers to the original operator allocated
with the number and report to the Centralized Databases Administrator. However, of the original operator assigned that subscriber’s number has stopped its business operation or that subscriber’s number is no longer allocated to any operator, that subscriber’s number shall be returned to the competent authority.
Situation of terminate use as referred to in the preceding paragraph does not include the conditions that an inheritor continues to use a telephone number through inheritance, or a surviving or new company continues to use its forerunner's telephone number after consolidation or merger, or number Ported Subscribers under service agreement to the Recipient Operator apply for the third party continue to use the original telephone number.
Unless a Ported Subscriber ceases to use his/her existing subscriber’s number, the Donor Operator shall not reassign that subscriber’s number to another Subscriber.
Article 28
When an operator leases or lends subscribers’ numbers for other operators to provide telecommunication services, it shall not restrict other selection service providers from providing Number Portability, and shall negotiate with other operators on items specified in Articles 5, Article 7, and Article 27.
Article 29
These Regulations take effect from the date of implementation.