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Chapter 3 Mediation procedure and time limit
Article 10
The competent authority shall hold the first mediation meeting within 15 days after the establishment of the panel.
The panel shall conduct mediation on the relevant materials and the parties’ statements, and prepare a mediation record to record the following matters, which shall be signed or sealed by the parties and the mediator after reading out loud:
1.Meeting time and location.
3.Parties to the mediation and their agents.
4.Items in the agreement subject to the dispute.
5.Statements of the parties and the panel members.
6.Decision of the panel.
Article 11
The mediation case should be settled within three months after the establishment of the mediation panel. Extension may be granted if necessary and the competent authority shall notify the parties.
If the mediation cannot be completed within the time limit specified in the preceding paragraph, the mediation shall be deemed to have failed and the mediation procedure shall be terminated.
If the parties reach an agreement during the mediation procedure, the agreement or contract shall be submitted to the competent authority for reference, and the mediation procedure shall terminate; the agreement shall be regarded as a contract between the parties.
If the parties file a civil lawsuit concerning the subject matter of mediation during the mediation procedure, they shall be deemed to have refused mediation, and the mediation shall be deemed not established,and the mediation procedure shall terminate.
Article 12
The panel shall prepare the mediation decision into a certificate, which shall record the following items and be signed by the parties and the mediator:
1.The name of the telecommunication enterprises, offices or business offices, the name, date of birth, residence and ID Card number of the administrator or representative.
2.Where there is a legal representative or a proxy is appointed, the name, residence and ID Card Number of the proxy.
3.The names of the attending mediator and the assisting persons present.
4.Cause for the mediation.
5.The subject matter of the mediation.
6.Location of the mediation.
7.The date of the mediation.
The competent authority shall serve the mediation certificate tothe parties within 15 days after the certificate had been made.