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Chapter 5 Annex
Article 20
A winning bidder or service provider shall follow the order of the NCC and form a mobile communications construction negotiation team to negotiate issues pertaining to co-antenna, co-site, or reserved antenna ports.
Article 21
The Operators shall beware of the arrangement of antennas while using co-site or co-antenna, and harmonize the look of them.
A lightning rod for antennas should be used in common.
Protective antenna grille of base stations or other similar protective facilities shall be categorized as auxiliary telecommunication facilities of base stations.
Article 22
The Operators shall pay examination fees and license fees for base station establishment according to the application process and the tariff standards set by the NCC.
Article 23
The NCC shall provide and announce the relevant forms, licenses and the items and format that should be put into, except the Regulations has other provisions.
Article 24
The Regulations shall come into effect as of the date of promulgation.