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Chapter VI Regulations Governing Licensing
Article 23
Application for export permit to export commodities shall be made in writing or logged electronically with the BOFT.
An exporter shall apply for an export permit in writing by preparing and submitting the following documents:
1. Complete set of export permit application form materials.
2. Any other materials as stipulated by other relevant regulations.
Format of the export permit and the export permit application form shall be designed by the BOFT.
Article 24
An export permit shall be valid for thirty (30) days from the date of licensing unless otherwise stipulated by the BOFT.
No extension of validity of an export permit shall be applied for. If export is not effected within the valid period and re-licensing is applied for, an application for cancellation of the original export permit shall be made.
Article 25
For amendment and cancellation of an export, the exporter shall type and submit an application with the original licensing organization.
An exporter, when applying for cancellation of an export permit under the preceding paragraph, shall turn in all copies thereof.
Article 26
Amendments to export permits shall be made in accordance with the following provisions:
1. If an error is discovered before submission of export application to Customs, applications for cancellation of original permit and re-licensing shall be filed, and no amendment application is allowed.
2. If amendment is required before or after release of commodities by Customs, an amendment application form shall be submitted to the original licensing organization for necessary amendment. However, if the amendment involves nomenclature, quality, classification, unit, or quantity of any commodity, Customs endorsement shall first be obtained before an amendment application is filed. If the commodity concerned is eligible for exemption of inspection or random inspection and Customs has no information for verification, Customs shall endorse the relevant copy of the application of an export permit, unless a special approval is obtained from the BOFT.
3. When applying for amendments, the original export regulations shall be adhered to.
4. The applicant’s name on the export permit shall not be amended, unless it has been authorized by the BOFT.
Amendments referred to in the preceding paragraphs can only be made within six months from the date when the original export permit was issued by the licensing organization, except amendments within three years from the issuing date with the permission of the BOFT.
Article 27
Article 28
In preparing the export permit application form, amendment application form, and/or cancellation/re-issue application form, all copies of the same application form shall be typed (or written) once in duplicate with no erasures or changes allowed, otherwise they shall be considered null and void, unless there is change of commodity classification number(s) made and stamped by the licensing organization.