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Chapter III Marking of Trademark
Article 10
Exporters who export any commodities bearing trademarks shall themselves ascertain the ownership of the said trademarks in order to prevent counterfeiting violations.
The exporters shall declare accurately on the export form the trademark(s) to be used for such commodities. The declaration "without trademark" shall be made when export commodities do not bear any trademark. However, when Customs determines that the foreign goods or domestic goods, which have been returned for maintenance, are to be re-exported, then the provisions of this paragraph shall not be applicable.
Article 11
If Customs comes to understand any export commodity bears a trademark that is not in conformity with the information entered in the export declaration form, Customs shall request the exporter to provide the legal documents from the owner for the right to use the trademark and that assign or authorize the exporter to use the registered trademark, or any other document capable of verifying that trademark counterfeiting has not been involved, so that the Customs Office can check and release the commodities.
Article 12
The provisions of the preceding two Articles shall apply to the case where a trademark is marked on the internal or external packages or containers of the export goods.
Article 13
Article 14