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Chapter 4 Supplementary Provisions
Article 20
In case of any of the following, the central competent authority shall take charge of the case and publish it on the internet and shall, meanwhile, inform the applicant who referred the case for disciplinary penalty and the punished professional engineer and the association he/she had joined:
1. The penalized professional engineer or the applicant who does not apply for retrial within the specified time limit.
2. After the decision of the retrial committee is served to the penalized professional engineer. Fail to bring an administrative litigation within the statutory period.
3. The final judgment of administrative litigation brought by the punished professional engineer has been granted.
Article 21
The discipline committee or retrial committee shall refer the disciplinary case to the Prosecutors’ Office of the Court whenever the case is suspected embroiled in commission of a crime.
Article 22
The decisions resolved by the discipline committee and retrial committee shall be issued in the name of the central competent authority.
Article 23
On registration, statistics and other routines of the professional engineer disciplinary cases as well as the minutes of the discipline committee and retrial committee, the central competent authority may appoint personnel to take care of the jobs on a concurrent basis.
Article 24
The members of both the discipline committee and retrial committee shall serve the post on a gratuitous basis.
Article 25
These regulations shall take effect from the date of promulgation.