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Title: Detention Act CH
Category: Ministry of Justice(法務部)
Chapter 5 Guidance, Counseling and Activities
Article 33
A detention center should provide defendants with guidance and counseling, and produce a counseling record.
Article 34
A detention center may set up library facilities and provide library information services or publications for reading by defendants.
Unless it is otherwise provided by law, a detention center may provide suitable computer equipment for usage by defendants.
Article 35
Defendants are permitted to prepare their own books, newspapers, and Braille books or request the use of papers and pens and other necessary items. However, such activities may be limited or denied if they adversely affect the daily routines, management, or safety of the detention center.
Article 36
A detention center should arrange various cultural and entertainment activities at appropriate times to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of defendants.
Article 37
A detention center may hold courses on restorative justice, and assist in the mediation and restoration between a defendant and his/her victims.
Article 38
Unless it is otherwise provided by law, a detention center may provide radios, televisions, audio/video equipment, or computer equipment for guidance and counseling.
With the approval of the detention center, defendants are permitted to own personal radio, television, or audio/video equipment for listening and viewing.
A detention center should consider the unique requirements for accommodating defendants with disabilities, the conditions of existing facilities, and the special needs of disabled defendants by providing barrier-free assistive measures for viewing, listening, speaking activities.
If the listening or viewing activities specified in the two preceding paragraphs adversely affects the daily routines, management, or safety of the detention center, they may be limited or denied.
Article 39
Defendants have the freedom to practice their religious beliefs which may not be limited or denied. However, the preceding provision does not apply if a religious activity adversely affects the order or security of the detention center.
A detention center may, based on the request of a defendant, arrange suitable religious teachers to provide counseling to the defendant.
A detention center may invite religious figures to host religious activities beneficial to the defendants.
Defendants are permitted to own objects or books related to their religious beliefs. However, items that adversely affect the order, security, or management of the detention center may be limited or denied.
Article 40
A detention center may appoint or invite people with relevant knowledge or passion for counseling to assist in counseling activities. A detention center may also recruit people interested in public welfare initiatives as volunteers to assist in counseling work.
The volunteers specified in the preceding paragraph shall be reported by the detention center to the supervisory authority for approval before their recruitment.