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Title: Detention Act CH
Category: Ministry of Justice(法務部)
Chapter 13 Death
Article 111
Where a defendant dies in the detention center, the detention center shall immediately notify his/her family member or nearest relative, defense attorney, prosecutor and court, and report to the prosecutors’ office which shall assign a prosecutor to examine the body. Where there are multiple family members or nearest relatives, the detention center is only required to notify one such individual.
Where the detention center has knowledge that the defendant in the preceding paragraph has appointed a lawyer and the matters delegated to the lawyer have not been completely processed, the lawyer shall also be notified.
Under conditions specified in Paragraph 1, the detention center shall submit relevant information and report to the supervisory authority.
Article 112
The body of a deceased defendant shall be examined in accordance with the preceding article. Where it is not collected within seven (7) days after a notification is sent or where a notification cannot be sent, the body may be cremated and placed in an ash storage facility.