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Title: Enforcement Rules of the Prison serving Act CH
Amended Date: 2018-05-10
Category: Ministry of Justice(法務部)
Chapter 7 Supply
Article 63
The nutrition of main & sub meals for convicted criminals shall be sufficient to fulfill his/her health needs. The quality of food shall meet the hygiene standard, be freshly prepared, and be provided regularly. Waters for drinking and other uses shall also be prepared for prisoners.
Prison shall have agricultural facilities in order to fulfill the needs for sub meals for prisoners.
Article 64
Prison shall, in accordance with prisoner's nationality or religious beliefs, change the menu of prisoner's main and sub meals to appropriate foods. Foods for prisoners with illness and for prisoners' children are subject to different standards in accordance with needs, in addition to the change and distribution of more appropriate foods.
Article 65
Clothes, mattresses, shoes, and socks for prisoners shall be domestically produced, in addition to coping with various protection needs in different seasons. The style and colors of prisoners' clothes shall all be decided by the governing authority. In circumstances where it is deemed relevant, prisoners are permitted to use self prepared clothes and mattress with prison's approval.
Prisoners' clothes and mattress shall be cleaned and exposed to the sunlight regularly.
Article 66
The supply of other living essential devices referred to in paragraph 1 of Article 45 of the Act refers to the below mentioned gears:
1. Gears for dining purposes.
2. Gears for body cleaning and laundry purposes.
3. Gears for facial cleaning purposes.
4. Cabinet for the storage of daily clothes and tools for altering and fixing clothes and mattresses.
5. Cleaning equipments for sanitary purposes.
Article 67
The term "other living essentials" contained in Article 46 of the Act refers to toys, gears, instruments, readings, and goods that are beneficial to the development of youths needed by prisoners' accompanied children.