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Chapter 5 Labor
Article 36
Institution labour at prison shall be designed with a purpose of training prisoners to learn skills in order to make a living, to attain a diligent working habit, and to enlighten one's won spirtual mind.
The labor shall be administered mainly by a public enterprise as a top priority, with second priority goes to consignment or contracting.
Aside from complying with the purposes of labor, the work content of the labor shall be determined in considerration of local economic environment and the condition of supply & demand of goods, as well as trend in future development.
The courses of work shall be determined according to the length of work and the average workload of an ordinary person.Course materials shall be revised according to work content classification, in addition to specify the learning schedule and assessment standard.
Article 37
When assigning labor work to prisoners, the assignment shall be arranged in accordance with the prisoner's sentence duration, health condition, education level, results of investigation and dassification, skills, safety requirement, and future career goal.
Unless other governing legal rules otherwise stipulates or the prisoner is ill, or for safety or other correctional purposes, prisoners shall all participate in the process of institution labor. After the assignment of work has been arranged, it is prohibited to change from one job post to another except for correctional purposes or safety concerns.
Article 38
The operation of work shall adopt the mechanism of labor division, and prisoners shall be relocated to different lessons of skills regularly according to the dassification of work and learning schedule, in order for everyone to acquire a complete set of skills.
Scores shall be specified in the assessment of prisoner's operational skills acquired. Prisoner, whose score is higher than 60% of highest point achievable, shall move on to the next level. Persons who achieve the highest mark shall receive rewards in compliance with the laws. Persons who come up with new inventions or suggest an improvement to the current practice which is considered valuable and being adopted shall be given rewards as well.
Article 39
Labor instructors shall be responsible for the instruction of labol training. In circumstances where an expert or industry's specialist is hired for assistance, the process shall be administered pursuant to Artide 20 of the Statutes Governing Prison Formation.
The convicted criminal who is equipped with professional knowledge or skills and whose in-prison behavior is excellent shall be commanded to assist in the process of labor training.
Article 40
Work products shall comply with social demands, and prisons shall take any precautionary steps on the supervision of the marketing.
Prisons are permitted to solely or jointly establish locations for product marketing.
Article 41
Prison, in accordance with legal rules, are permitted to tender for the contracting of publidy-or privately-run construction.
The contract of aforesaid labor shall be consented with the prison governor's signature, in addition to the signatures of both labor sponsor's and accounting personnel.
Article 42
Prison labour shall have an overall well-conducted administration scheme with an implementation of corporate management, in addition to carefully supervising the efficient utilization of assets and human resources.