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Title: Enforcement Rules of the Prison serving Act CH
Amended Date: 2018-05-10
Category: Ministry of Justice(法務部)
Chapter 12 Parole
Article 88
In the administration of parole, rules regarding parole in the Criminal Code, the Juvenile Incidents Supervision Act, Acts of Governing Prison Serving Progressive Treatments, and other related acts shall be taken into consideration.
Article 89
After the approval for parole petition is obtained, a parole ceremony shall be held by prison's officials before the prisoner leaves the prison, during which a certificate of parole is bestowed upon the prisoner. In addition, a copy of documents dictation that the prosecutors of the local district court prosecutors' office are in charge of supervision and protection of the prisoner is given to the prisoner, and the prisoner shall be informed of reporting to the prosecutors of that ditrict count's prosecutors' office within 24 hours of release. The certificated of parole, besides denoting prisoner's name, age, home address, offences committed, sentence duration, the date on which documentation sequence is given, remaining period of sentence, agency issuing the certificate, and dates, shall indicate procedures that must be followed during the parole period on the back of the certificate.
After the prisoner has filed a request for prole, and at the times prior to the release the prisoner commits a serious offence of behavioral regulations, the prison shall report to the Ministry of Justice to withdraw the approval for parole after the Parole Review Committee has reached a resolution.
Article 90
Prison shall be in cloce contact with the probation officers in charge of the supervision and protection during the period of parole.