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Chapter 11 Rewards, Punishment and Compensation
Article 86
A prison is not permitted to punish or reward prisoners unless it is in accordance with the legallaws. For the same event, repetitive punishments or rewards are not permitted.
When a penalty of forced labor service or a ban to outside activities is levied upon a prisoner, and if it is deemed there are concerns to the interference with the physical and mental health of the prisoner, the penalty shall be conducted only after physician's inspection.
The supervision and conduction of penalty shall not be performed by any prisoner.
Article 87
Punishment against prisoner shall not be conducted without prior approval from the prison governor, except in circumstances where a final resolution from the Committee for Prison Affairs is required in accordance with laws.
Methods on how to reward a prisoner shalI be decided and finalized by the Committee for Prison Affairs, in addition to publicy promulgate the deeds and results of the reqard.