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Chapter 10 Safekeeping
Article 83
Foods and necessities given to prisoners shall be inspected. Types and quantities are subject to the following rules and limitations:
1.Foods: Restricted to canned foods, candy and cookies, dishes and fruits, which shall not exceed 2 kilograms each time. Items that endanger the health of prisoners, are concealed with prohibited items, or offend the discipline of the prison shall not be permitted to get in.
2.Necessities: the quantity of sheets, mattresses, pillows, shoes and socks, towels, and pens shall be limited to one for each item each time. Only at times when the items are damaged and unusable new items shall be permitted to be given to prisoners. The quantity of soaps, toothpaste, toothbrush, and inks shall be limited to three for each item each time. 50 envelops, 100 sheets of letter, two packages of toliet paper are permitted each time. Three books or magazines during each visit and one newspaper each day. However, items that are concealed with prohibited items or offend the discipline of the prison are not permitted to be given to prisoners. In circumstances where the content of the books and magazines, as well as the newspaper, interferes with the correctional progress of prisoners, the readings shall not be given to the prisoners.
Article 84
Safekeeping regulations for prisoners' money and goods shall be stipulated by the Ministry of Justice.
The safekeeping of prisoners' goods shall be kept away from humidity and be exposed to the sunlight regularly, in addition to disinfection in times deemed necessary.
Article 85
Foods and goods which are permitted to be given to prisoners and confiscated or abandoned valuables pursuant to the Act shall be registered in a logbook.