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Chapter VI Management and oversight
Article 23
Where the organization or juridical person is deemed the copyright holder or has gained license over the copyright of the results of a culture and the arts-related purchase by an organization or juridical person, it shall regularly review and ensure proper management of copyrights it has obtained. It shall also consider the ways in which result content may be used and establish an appropriate mechanism to ensure the content’s use.
The mechanism shall cover publishing, rental, and licensing for use to the public, commissioned distribution, cooperation design, contracted manufacturing, or other methods to ensure that the copyrighted material is utilized effectively.
An organization or juridical person may proactively and publicly provide information on copyright for public use under Item 1, and may, depending on actual needs, establish directions for applying for a usage license as well as standard charges.
An organization or juridical person may, while engaged in arts and culture-related purchases in line with these Guidelines, determine the organization or juridical person as copyright holder or obtain the copyright or an exclusive license and with the vendor or actual creator fulfilling the purchase agreement which has provided sufficient evidence to show their identity and this results, apply for a usage license with the organization or juridical person in line with the provisions of Article 10.
Article 24
To ensure that central government agencies, and the governments of directly-controlled municipalities, counties, and cities are actually protecting copyright, organizations handling the aforementioned results are to make reports to the supervisory agency or directly-controlled municipality, county, or city government for collation and announcement.
The forms and styles of the aforementioned reporting and announcement shall be determined at the central level by the supervisory agency and at the local level by the government of the directly-controlled municipality, county, or city. Where there is no local authority, the guidelines used by the central government shall apply.