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Chapter 5 Valuation, Price Negotiation, Inspection, and Expenditure
Article 21
Before the final report is submitted for approval, the implementing agency shall convene a valuation meeting to which are to be invited a minimum of professionals from the execution and/or selection task force as well as the selected artist/group to deliver a defense.
At the valuation meeting the expenditure, materials, number, size, installation, and management/maintenance will be determined. The meeting resolution shall be used as reference for negotiating the lowest price.
Article 22
After the final report has been approved, the implementing agency shall proceed with price negotiation and contract signing in line with the rules for limited tendering defined in Item 2, Paragraph 1, Article 22 of the Government Procurement Act.
The result of the tender and the list of names of selection task force members shall be posted on the MOC’s public arts website and on the Government e-Procurement System website.
Article 23
Before the final report is submitted for reference, the implementing agency shall perform an examination and inspection and invite one-half of the experts from the executing task force to aid in these tasks.
Article 24
Public artwork installation plan expenditures shall include the following, which shall be executed by stages by the architect or engineer.
1. Public artwork construction expenses: illustrations and documents, models, materials, installation, transportation, contract technicians, on-site assembly, purchases, rentals, taxes, and insurance.
2. Artistic creation expenses: A minimum of 15 percent of the total expenditure.
3. Materials subsidy: Pays for materials for first-stage selectees of open selection or of those invited to compete.
4. Administrative fees:
a. Attendance, review, and other fees for retained members of the executive task force and selection task force;
b. Information collection fees;
c. Printing and related fees;
d. Fees for the open selection;
e. Fees for advisers, executive secretaries, or agents.
5. Fees for public participation and public artwork educational promotion activities.
Article 25
The implementing agency shall act in line with these regulations in carrying out the public artwork installation plan; it may not include this plan in the items or expenditures sections of contracts with turnkey solution providers for public buildings or significant public construction projects.