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Chapter 3: Executive task force and reports
Article 11
The implementing agency shall create an executive task force composed of five to nine members retained from the following:
1. Visual arts: art creation, art commentary, applied arts, art education, or arts administration;
2. The building/construction project’s architect or construction technician;
3. Other professionals from the culture, social, legal, and environmental spheres.
4. A representative from the implementing agency or the managing agency.
No fewer than one-half of task force members for the first category are to be selected from the MOC’s database of public arts visual arts experts and scholars.
Article 12
Within three months of the architect, engineering technician, or turnkey solution provider‘s signing a contract to work with the implementing agency on the significant public construction projects or public building, an executive task force shall be established. Where special circumstances occur, an extension may be granted upon application to the reviewing agency.
Article 13
The executive task force shall aid with the following:
1. Drafting the public artwork installation plan;
2. Implementing the public artwork installation plan as passed by the review committee; including selection, public participation, valuation, examination, and inspection;
3. Drafting the public artwork selection results report;
4. Drafting the final report; and
5. Other related matters.
Article 14
The public artwork installation plan shall be submitted for a review by the review committee and shall include:
1. Names and introductions of those on the executive task force;
2. Introductions of the natural, cultural, and historical background;
3. Site introduction and analysis as well as description;
4. Concept behind public artwork installation plan;
5. Selection process and criteria;
6. Public participation plan;
7. Names of members of the selection task force;
8. Budget;
9. Estimated timeline;
10. Execution task force meeting minutes;
11. Draft pamphlet introducing works from the open/invitational selection process and other related information;
12. Draft contract; and
13. Other related information.
Changes to Items 1, 5, 7, or 8 in plans that have passed a review are to be approved beforehand by the review committee.
Article 15
The public artwork selection results report shall be submitted to the reviewing agency for approval, and shall include:
1. Minutes of the selection meeting;
2. A record of the selection process;
3. An introduction to the selected public artworks (including forms, installation location, type and location of descriptive plaque, etc.);
4. An introduction to alternative public artworks selected;
5. Valuation meeting minutes.
Where the reviewing agency believes there to be controversy concerning or major defects in the selection report submitted by the implementing agency, or where the review committee so requests while reviewing the public artwork installation plan, it may be referred to the review committee for a review.
Article 16
The final report shall be submitted to the reviewing agency for its reference, and shall include:
1. A table of basic information from the public artwork installation plan (including illustrations);
2. A review of the implementation process;
3. Inspection record;
4. Public participation record;
5. A management and maintenance plan; and
6. Notes on discussions and recommendations;
Where the reviewing agency believes there to be controversy concerning or major defects in the final report submitted by the implementing agency, it may be submitted to the review committee for a review.