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Chapter 2 Review Committee Structure and Duties
Article 8
The review committee shall consist of nine to fifteen persons. Of these, either the head or deputy head of an agency, shall concurrently serve as convener. The head of the business unit of the agency shall serve as deputy convener. Of remaining committee members, at least one professional shall be from each of the following categories:
1. The visual arts: artists, art critics, applied art, art education, or arts administration;
2. Space and environment: specialists in urban design, building design, or landscape architecture;
3. Other professionals: Culture, community building, law, and other professions;
4. Representatives of government agencies.
Members of the fourth category shall not constitute more than one-fourth the total number of committee members.
Article 9
The review committee shall do the following:
1. Provide opinions concerning plans, installation, educational promotion, and management and maintenance policies for public artwork in its jurisdiction;
2. Review public artwork installation plans;
3. Review donations of public artwork;
4. Other items concerning funding, guidance, rewards, and administrative matters.
In addition to the aforementioned, the MOC review committee shall be responsible for reviewing the name list and database of public arts visual arts experts and scholars and cases under Paragraph 2 of Article 4 and of Article 6.
Article 10
The review committee shall convene at least once per year and may, when needed, convene ad-hoc meetings; committee members shall serve a term of two years which may be renewed.
Where committee members resign or die, or where those representing government agencies change or are unable to execute their professional duties, they may be dismissed from the committee. The review agency shall seek a replacement for seats vacated. The replacement committee member’s term shall end on the date of the original committee member’s term.