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Chapter 5 The Term of Office
Article 36
Principals of schools at all levels work by terms. The regulations concerning the terms shall be enacted by the Ministry of Education.
When the principals who have held a Teacher ’ s Certificate have served their terms, they shall be exempt from deliberations by the Teacher Evaluation Committee for resuming the position of teacher according to the following:
1. Presidents of junior colleges and above shall resume their teaching positions at the original institutions.
2. Principals of senior high schools and lower-level schools shall follow respective laws/regulations governing the schools.
Article 37
The first and second term of teachers of junior colleges and higher levels shall be one year, but the later renewed terms shall be two years.
The first term of high school teachers shall be one year, but the later renewed terms shall be two years.
Article 38
Schools may not dismiss teachers whose terms of appointment are still within the validity on the condition that the teachers thereof have not violated the contract of appointment or have not been approved dismissed by the government agencies in charge of education administration due to any serious incidents.
Teachers may not resign when the term of appointment thereof is still within validity unless due to legitimate reasons.
Article 39