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Chapter 4: Supplementary Provisions
Article 27
If there is any change to one receiver of the annual consolation payment, other receivers shall prepare the proofs along with the original certificates of consolation payment to report to the schools the teachers and school staff serve; the schools shall transfer them to the government agencies in charge of education administration for nullification or alteration and notification to the government agencies in charge of disbursement.
1. If the receiver has died, or the spouse and the widowed daughter-in-law have remarried, the copies of the census register shall be prepared.
2. If the receiver has had the capability of making a living or has been adopted by relatives, the proofs offered by the office of the Township, Town, City, or District shall be prepared.
Article 28
The certificates of the consolation payment, if lost or stained, shall be reissued or changed from the government agencies in charge of education administration.
Article 29
If the surviving dependents live in the areas where they cannot receive the consolation payment, the schools the teachers and staff serve shall list the time of death, title, salary rank, seniority as well as the names of the surviving dependents to report to the government agencies in charge of education administration so as to apply for the preservation of their surviving dependents’ rights to claim the consolation payment.
Article 30
The seniority of teachers and school staff before the enforcement of the amended Statute shall apply to Article 2 of the original Enforcement Rules before the amendment.
Article 31
All kinds of formats and forms for the Enforcement Rules shall be regulated by the Ministry of Education.
Article 32
The date of these Enforcement Rules shall be set by an order.
These amendments to these Enforcement Rules are effective from the date of promulgation.