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Title: The Special Education Act CH
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Chapter II: Practice of Special Education
Part 3: Gifted Education
Article 35
Gifted education in preschool and schools under senior high is conducted as follows:
A. Preschool education: in the type of special education project.
B. Civil education: in the form of decentralized resource room, itinerant program, or special education project.
C. Senior high education: on the basis of Article 11, Items A & C.
Article 36
Schools under senior high should take up the team teaching model, involving the aptitude, strengths, learning characteristics, and special needs of gifted students, developing individualized education plan of gifted students and, where it needs, inviting their parents for participation.
Article 37
Practices of gifted education in higher education should take into account of aptitude and strengths of gifted students, following the model of special education project.
Article 38
School admission and educational advance of gifted students should follow the procedure specified in the regulations of school admission and educational advance for regular students. Schools above senior high are able to carry on the multiple admission model, fully considering both school performance and potential strengths of gifted students.
Article 39
Gifted students are able to take up courses of higher grade, which if passed can be waived after successful school admission.
Article 40
Local educational authorities under senior high should fund schools in implementing the plural gifted education project, offering premium for excellent performance. Measures and regulations of funding and offering premium are set by local authorities.
Article 41
Local authorities and schools should reinforce diagnosis procedures and counseling services for gifted students with special needs and economical/social disadvantages.