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Chapter 5 The Rights and Obligations of the Parents
Article 30
Preschools may establish parent associations, and affiliated preschools of junior high and elementary schools may establish such associations in conjunction with the school parent associations.
The parent associations described in the preceding Paragraph may join regional parent associations.
The mission, organization, operations, and other relevant matters prescribed in the autonomous laws and regulations of preschool parent associations shall be stipulated by the municipal or county(city)competent authority.
Article 31
Parents or guardians and parent associations may request the following information from the municipal or county(city)competent authority, who shall not refuse such requests:
1. Educare service policies.
2. Educare service quality monitoring mechanisms and practices.
3. A list of the names of approved educare institutions.
4. Regulations regarding the fees and refund of educare institutions and the tuition amount.
5. Results and reports on preschool accreditation and evaluations.
Article 32
Educare institutions shall make public the following information:
1. Goals and content of educare.
2. Certification and education/professional experience of preschool educators and other personnel.
3. Hygiene, safety, and emergency measures.
4. The administrative organization and staff quota established in accordance with Articles 16 and 17.
5. The implementation of group insurance in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 29.
6. Regulations regarding standards for charging and refund, fee items and amounts, and remission of fees in accordance with Paragraph 3 of Article 38.
7. Approved quota for enrollment and actual number of children enrolled.
Article 33
Parents or guardians may request the educare institution for explanation if they dissent to the means or the content of educare services. The educare institution may not refuse explanation without valid reason, and shall make adjustments or modifications as needed.
Article 34
Parent associations and preschool educators’ associations at the municipal or county(city)level may participate in the municipal or county(city)competent authority’s planning of preschool accreditation and evaluation.
Article 35
In cases where it is alleged that a young child’s rights or interests have been harmed by an educare institution’s educare services, parents or guardians may file a complaint with said educare institution. If parents or guardians are dissatisfied with the responses to the complaint, they may appeal to the municipal or county(city)competent authority where the educare institution is located within 30 days upon receiving a response to their complaint. If dissatisfied with the decision of the municipal or county(city)competent authority, parents or guardians may proceed with litigation or appeal in accordance with the law.
The municipal or county(city)competent authority shall convene an appeals and arbitration committee to deal with the matters described in the preceding Paragraph; members of the appeals and arbitration committee shall include representatives from the competent authority, educare and child welfare groups, preschool educators associations, parent associations, administrative personnel from the educare institution, and scholars or experts specialized in law, education, child welfare, psychology, or counseling. Non-agency representatives shall account for no less than half of the total number of members, and members of either gender shall account for more than one-third of the total members. The municipal or county(city)competent authority shall stipulate autonomous regulations regarding the organization, structure, and matters of appeal.
Article 36
Parents and guardians shall fulfill the following obligations:
1. To pay tuition in accordance with the contract of educare services.
2. To participate in case discussions or activities conducted by the educare institution regarding the special needs for their children.
3. To attend parenting activities held by the educare institution.
4. To inform of any/all physical and mental needs of their children, provide information regarding health status when necessary, and assist the educare institution in improving the physical and mental health of their children.
The respective competent authority shall actively provide resources and assistance to parents or guardians of children referred to in Subparagraph 4 of the preceding Paragraph.