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Chapter 4 The Protection of Young Children’s Rights and Interests
Article 25
Responsible persons and other personnel of educare institutions shall not take any of the actions described in Article 49 of the Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act, inflict corporal punishment, use inappropriate discipline, or commit sexual harassment against children.
Educare institutions shall establish regulations on the following matters, enforce them thoroughly, and review them regularly for improvement:
1. Environmental sanitation, food safety and sanitation, and disease prevention.
2. Safety management.
3. Regular maintenance of the facilities.
4. All safety drill plans.
5. Emergency and evacuation procedures.
Article 26
Educare institutions shall enforce protective measures to ensure the safety of children during their arrival and departure of said educare institution.
Preschools shall transport children with children-only buses approved by the municipal or county(city)competent authority, and the maximum vehicle age of said buses is 10 years. The specifications, markings, color, and number of children transported shall comply with regulations and be certified by the motor vehicle office. The bus driver shall possess an occupational driver’s license, and a preschool educator or an adult bus guardian shall be on board to ensure the safety of children.
Regulations regarding the management of preschool buses, drivers, and bus guardians as referred to in the preceding Paragraph and other regulations that have to be followed shall be stipulated jointly by the central competent authority and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.
New preschool bus drivers and bus guardians shall complete at least 8 hours of basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation training within two years before their employment or within three months of employment; said bus drivers and bus guardians shall take at least 8 hours of basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, at least 3 hours of courses on safety education(including transportation safety), and at least one emergency drill every two years during their period of employment. Preschools shall assist the municipal or county(city)competent authority in conducting relevant training, courses, or drill at least once per season.
Article 27
Educare institutions shall establish health management systems. Educare institutions shall assist the municipal and county(city)competent health authority to deliver health examinations for children, and administer health guidance or referral treatment according to the results of the examination.
Educare institutions shall record, file, and store information on the results of children’s health and disease examinations, referral treatment, and immunization records.
One month after the beginning of the school year or one month after the young child is enrolled, the parents or guardian shall provide the educare institution with their child’s immunization record referred to in the preceding Paragraph.
If the parents or guardian do not provide the information referred to in the preceding Paragraph, the educare institution shall notify the parents or guardian to provide said information. If said information is not provided by the parents or guardian within one month after they have received notification, the educare institution shall notify the competent health authorities.
Educare institutions, responsible persons, and other personnel shall maintain confidentiality with regard to children’s information. However, information where consent is given by the parents or guardian is given or required by other legal provisions shall not be subject to this restriction.
Article 28
In order to appropriately manage children’s emergencies, injuries, or sickness, educare institutions shall establish measures and regulations for rescue procedures, hospital transport, guidelines for ambulance support, and crisis management prior to the parents’ or guardian’s arrival.
In accordance with Paragraph 6 of Article 8, the regulations regarding facility and equipment standards require preschools to establish health facilities to provide resources for health management, emergency care management, health care, nutrition consultation, and to assist health education.
Preschool nurses shall receive, once every two years, 8 hours of emergency medical training conducted by an institution, school, or group approved by a teaching hospital or competent authority.
Article 29
Educare institutions shall secure group insurance for young children; the scope, insurance premium, payment and refund, duration, payment standard, rights and obligations, transaction method, and autonomous laws and regulations regarding other relevant matters of which shall be stipulated by the municipal or county(city)competent authority.
The educare institution shall assist in applications for children’s claim expenses.
The competent authorities at all levels shall provide public liability insurance for all educare institutions under said jurisdiction. This will be funded on a yearly basis by the central competent authority annual budget.