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Title: Teachers’ Act CH
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Chapter 6 Teacher organizations Chapter 6 Teacher organizations
Article 39
There are three levels of teacher organizations: the institutional level teachers associations, at educational institutions; the local teachers associations, at the municipal, and county (city) level; and the national teachers associations, at the central level.
If an educational institution has fewer than twenty classes, it may work with other educational institutions to set up an inter-district (-township, -town) educational institution teachers association.
To establish a teachers’ organization at any level, an application shall be made to the appropriate competent authority in accordance with the provisions of Civil Associations Act.
Each local teachers association shall consist of at least half of the educational institution level teachers associations in its district to be allowed to be established. A national teachers association shall have at least half of the local teachers associations as members to be allowed to be established.
Article 40
The teacher organizations at each level have the following basic responsibilities:
1. Safeguard teachers’ professional dignity and autonomy.
2. Reach agreements with authorities at all levels on teachers’ employment and work regulations.
3. Study and help solve all kinds of education related problems.
4. Oversee the management, operation, and payments made from the resignation payment fund organization.
5. Assign representatives to join the statutory organizations that handle teacher appointments, appeals, and other teacher related matters.
Formulate teachers’ autonomous agreements.
Article 41
An educational institution is not permitted to restrict teachers’ joining teacher organizations or their holding a post in a teachers’ organization.
An educational institution is not permitted to refuse to employ a teacher, dismiss a teacher, or take any other unfavorable action against a teacher because of that teacher’s joining a teachers’ organization, holding a post in a teachers’ organization, or participating in its activities.