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Title: The Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Act CH
Category: Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)(中央銀行)
Chapter I General Provisions
Article 1
The Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (hereafter called the Bank) shall be a government bank and an agency under the Executive Yuan.
Article 2
The primary objectives of the Bank's operations shall be:
1. To promote financial stability;
2. To guide sound banking operations;
3. To maintain the stability of the internal and external value of the currency;
4. To foster economic development within the scope of the above objectives.
Article 3
The Bank shall have its Head Office at the seat of the Central Government and may establish domestic branch offices and representative offices; and, if necessary, may establish representative offices overseas. The establishment and dissolution of branch offices and representative offices shall be authorized by the Board of Directors and reported to the Executive Yuan for approval.
Article 4
The capital of the Bank shall be appropriated from the National Treasury. It shall be fully owned by the Central Government and nontransferable.