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Title: Securities and Exchange Act CH
Category: Financial Supervisory Commission(金融監督管理委員會)
Chapter IV Securities Dealers Association
Article 89
(Securities Association Membership)
A securities firm shall not commence to operate its business unless it is a member of a securities dealers association.
Article 90
(Content of the Articles of Association and Direction and Supervision of Business)
The material contents of the articles of association of a securities dealers association and matters regarding the direction and supervision of its business shall be prescribed by the Competent Authority.
Article 91
(Protective Measures)
In order to ensure fairness in securities transaction, or the protection of investor, where necessary, the Competent Authority may order a securities dealers association to amend its articles of association, bylaws, or resolutions, and also to provide reference materials and reports, or to perform any other acts.
Article 92
(Legal Violations by Directors or Supervisors)
Where any directors or supervisors of a securities dealers association is found to have violated an act or regulation, was negligent in implementing the articles of association or bylaws, misused his/her authority, or acted against the principles of integrity and fair dealing, the Competent Authority may take corrective actions or order the securities dealers association to discharge such directors or supervisors.