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Chapter III The Public Auction Procedure of an Impartial Third Party
Section 6 The Registration of Transfer
Article 28
After a buyer pays the full price in accordance with the auction conditions, an impartial third party should issue an auction award certificate.
The buyer could present the auction award certificate mentioned above to the real estate registration agency and apply for the registration of right transfer and the cancellation of mortgage in accordance with the land registration regulations. The buyer could make the above application without being joined by the mortgagor.
Article 29
If real estate to be submitted by a mortgagor or debtor is currently occupied by the mortgagor or debtor himself (or herself), the buyer could request the court to remove such occupation through the civil lawsuit procedure. In case a third person occupies the real estate illegally after an inspection record is made in accordance with Article 15 mentioned above and becomes involved in a criminal act, the buyer could report to the local police to handle the matter as a criminal case.