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Chapter III The Public Auction Procedure of an Impartial Third Party
Section 2 Fixing the Floor Price
Article 13
An impartial third party should set up a Real Estate Auction Floor Price Appraisal Committee, which should comprise more than five members. The Committee would determine the floor price of real estate which has been entrusted for auction, and the floor price so determined would be reported to the Board of Managing Directors or Directors for information.
More than two-thirds of the members of the Floor Price Appraisal Committee mentioned above should be architects, real estate appraisers or those who have actually engaged in real estate appraisal for more than five years, and real estate brokers.
When entrusted to handle the auction of real estate, an impartial third party should appraise the floor prices of land and building separately in accordance with the floor price appraisal regulations approved by the Board of Directors.
Article 14
Having determined the floor price of real estate following the procedure indicated in the above-mentioned Article, an impartial third party should advise the mortgagor, debtor, and creditor of the floor price, and afford them an opportunity to express their opinions.
Should the mortgagor, debtor or creditor disagree with the floor price, he (or she) should present his (or her) views, together with the relevant proof, to the impartial third party within seven days after being advised of the floor price.
After receiving the above-mentioned views, the Real Estate Auction Floor Price Appraisal Committee should reappraise the floor price based on the proof and opinions received. If the views and proof are considered valid, the Committee should revise the floor price accordingly. However, if they are considered invalid, the floor price becomes final. Those who had expressed the disagreement would be duly informed.
Article 15
Prior to the appraisal of the floor price of real estate, an impartial third party should make a field visit to the real estate, take pictures, and make an inspection record concerning the utilization of the real estate.
The inspection record mentioned above should indicate the following: the case of auctioning land: How the land is utilized; if there are working subjects or farm crops, and if so, their owners;
2.the occupier or user of a building: if it is occupied or used by someone other than the mortgagor or debtor; the name of the occupier or user and the reasons thereof.