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Chapter V Addendum
Article 35
A warehouse established under the provisions of these Regulations shall be jointly locked by the warehouse operator and the Customs. This requirement is not applicable to a warehouse authorized by the Customs to operate under autonomous management.
The warehouse operator may choose the joint lock for the warehouse, as referred to in the foregoing paragraph, and submit the lock to the Customs for recognition. A duplicate set of keys shall be stored in a suitable place within the warehouse premises for immediate use in the event of fire or other emergency occurring at the site of the warehouse, at which time it may be necessary to open the lock of the warehouse before the arrival of the Customs representative. The warehouse operator is obliged to notify the Customs immediately upon the opening of the warehouse lock, as well as submit an official report to the Customs for filing.
Article 36
The warehouse operator is required to provide an office room with office desk, telephone line(s), computer(s), and other office equipment for the necessary work of the stationed Customs officer or the Customs auditor, and is also required to provide the transportation for the stationed Customs officer. Moreover, the warehouse operator is obliged to pay the pertinent Customs regulatory fees and charges. Where it shall be necessary for Customs officers to be stationed in the warehouse permanently, the warehouse operators shall be responsible for their accommodations.
Article 37
Whenever the entirety of the import, export, trans-shipment or transit goods have been withdrawn out of the warehouse under Customs approval, the Customs may, upon the request of the warehouse operator, authorize a suspension of the business operations of the warehouse. No regulatory fees shall be collected from the warehouse operator during the suspension of the period of operations.
Article 38
Whenever the warehouse is approved by the Customs for temporary suspension of business operations, and then the application of the warehouse operator for the resumption of business operations has been approved by the Customs, its original registration certificate may still be used during the period of the proofreading until the expiration of the proofreading period.
Article 39
These Regulations shall be effective from the date of their proclamation.