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Title: Criminal Code of the Armed Forces CH
Category: Ministry of National Defense(國防部)
Part Three: Additional Provisions
Article 76
A soldier who is in the military service commits the following offences of Criminal Code will be punished according to it as provided in this Code:
1. Offences against the External Security of the Nation in Article 109 to 112 of chapter Ⅱ.
2. Chapter of Offences of Malfeasance in Office.
3. A person commits Offence against Public Safety intentionally in Article 173 to 177, paragraph Ⅰ,Ⅱ and Ⅳ of Article185, paragraph Ⅰof Article 190 and paragraph Ⅰof Article 191.
4. Chapter of Offences of Forging Instruments or Seals.
5. Chapter of Offences of Homicide.
6. Offences of paragraph Ⅱ in Article 277 and paragraph Ⅱ Article 278 in Chapter of Offences of Causing Bodily Harm.
7. Chapter of Offences against Sex Liberty.
8. Offences of Larceny committed in the area of military base, vessel and structures.
9. Chapter of Offences of forcible Taking, Robbery and Piracy.
10. Chapter of Offences of Intimidation and Kidnapping for Ransom.
The offences of the preceding paragraphs will follow the special provision if other law or order prescribes the punishment.
The offences of the two preceding paragraphs are committed in war time, the punishment may be increased up to one half.
Article 77
A soldier who is in the military service offences the Regulations of Prevention and Cure to the Drugs shall be punished according to the Code.
Article 78
The Ministry of National Defense shall provide the category, extent and level of electromagnetic of writing, drawing, and information, electromagnetic record or other similar materials about the military of the Republic of China or superintends the Ministry of National Defense.
Article 79
This Code will be put into effect on the date of its promulgation, except for Articles which were amended and promulgated on Sept. 28, 2001 and took effect on Oct. 2, 2001.