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Part 3 Fire Safety Equipments
Chapter 4 Necessary Equipments for Fire Rescue
Section 4 Emergency Power Sockets
Article 191
Emergency power sockets shall meet the following requirements:
1.Emergency power sockets shall be installed in staircases or emergency elevator hoistway (including the range within 5m away) and other places convenient for firefighters to fight the fire, and the horizontal distance from any point on each floor to the socket shall be not more than 50m.
2.The power supply of emergency power sockets shall be single-phase AC 110V (or 120V), 150A, and the capacity shall be not less than 1.5KW.
3.Specifications of emergency power socket are shown in the figure below:
4.Emergency power socket shall employ grounding receptacle, and the mounting height shall be 1~1.5m above the floor. And two flush-type protecting boxes complied with the following provisions shall be equipped:
(1)The long side and the short side of the boxes shall be separately not less than 25cm and 20cm.
(2)The protecting boxes shall be made of copper sheets with a thickness not less than 1.6mm.
(3)Proper devices (L-shaped or C-shaped hookers) shall be equipped inside the boxes to prevent the receptacle plugs from breaking away.
(4)The covers of the protecting boxes shall be easy to open and close.
(5)The protecting boxes shall be earthed.
(6)The boxes shall be marked with “Emergency Power Socket”, each character not smaller than 2cm2.
(7)Where a protecting box is installed together with an indoor fire hydrant box, the former shall be installed above, and the cover of the protecting box may be opened otherwise.
5.Emergency power sockets shall be equipped with red indicating lamp on the protecting box.
6.At lest two dedicated circuit loops from the main switchboard shall be set up for each floor, and each loop may not connect more than 10 sockets. (The capacity of each loop shall enable at least two sockets to work simultaneously).
7.The above-mentioned dedicated circuit loop may not be equipped with leakage current circuit breaker.
8.Each socket shall be equipped with a 110V 15A (or above) no-fuse breaker.
9.Emergency power sockets shall be connected to emergency power supply system.