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Chapter Four: Additional Articles
Article 79
Before the Regulations were amended and announced on Nov. 1 2006, the places in which the facilities to manufacture, store or process public hazardous materials and inflammable pressurized gases have been installed shall submit the documentation consisting of the drawings demonstrating the location, construction and equipments and improvement program to local firefighting authority in 6 months after the date of the announcement of the Regulations, and carry out the improvement work in two years after the date of announcement according to the items to be improved listed in Attachment Table 5. Upon the deadline of completion, failure to improve and provide substantial proof that this place is an existing legal place, failure to improve within the specific deadline or failure to improve according to Attachment Table 5 is punishable as specified in Article 42.
Article 79-1
With respect to public hazardous materials that are newly proclaimed by the central regulating authority, amended or add to the list of public hazardous materials in Attachment Table 1, are added to improvements in Attachment Table 5, those that already established legal sites of manufacturing, storing or processing the said materials above the control quantity prior to the announcement date, amendment effective date set in Attachment Table 1 (November 21, 2013), amendment effective date set in Attachment Table 5 (June 11, 2019 or November 10, 2021) shall, within six months after the said dates, submit the illustration of the place’s location, construction and equipment and an improvement plan to the local firefighting authority; and shall complete the improvements as specified in the Attachment Table 5 within two years after the said dates. Those who fail to make an improvement or fail to attach Attachment Table 5 will be imposed with punishment in accordance with Article 42 of the Regulations.
Article 80
The Regulations shall become effective on the promulgation date.
Amendments to the Regulations are issued on November 10, 2021. The said amendments shall become effective on the promulgation date, except for Article 73-2 as the promulgation date thereof will be set by the central regulating authority separately.