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Chapter 1  General Principles
Article 1
These Regulations are enacted pursuant to Article 14 of the Organic Act for the Central Police University (hereinafter referred to as "the University").
Article 2
Affairs in the University shall be operated according to these Regulations unless otherwise prescribed by laws.
Article 3
Under the University are set the Academic Affairs Division, Student Affairs Division, General Affairs Department, Secretariat, Forensic Laboratory, Public Relations Office, Library, Information Management Center, colleges, departments and institutes, Extension Education Center, Clinic, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, and Students Corps (hereinafter referred to as "the Units") to deal with the related operations prescribed in the organic act of the University and Chapter 2 hereinafter.
Article 4
The president of the University presides over the University, the vice president assists the president in administrating the University, the chief secretary carries out coordination between the Units under the direction of the leaders, and the directors of all levels direct and supervise their subordinates to handle the affairs within their jurisdictions.
Article 5
To handle official business, the Units shall observe the following provisions:1. The routine affairs prescribed in the regulations shall be handled according to the authorities and responsibilities of each unit. 2. Draft or amendment of acts shall be sent to the Legal Affairs Committee for review and approval, and then be handled in the prescribed procedure.3. The decrees publicized (issued) and transferred from upper-level departments shall be distributed to the units.4. Where the affairs discussed in a meeting concern other units, the units shall be invited to attend the meeting; and the proceedings shall be distributed to the related units.5. Where a teacher or an officer is dispatched to attend a meeting held by another department on behalf of the University, he shall ask the authority for principles. In case the resolution of the meeting is not in conformity with the
principles, he shall declare reservation, and reply after returning to the University and getting the direction of the authority,
and shall report the proceedings of the meeting.