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Chapter 5. Supplementary Provisions
Article 40
Those who operated RHMB or RHSB before the announcement of this act may continue operation after the realization of this act for the next two years; those who do not acquire the registration certificate of rental housing service business pursuant to the Article 19 within two years shall not continue operation.
Continuance of operation in contravention of the previous Paragraph will result in punishments referred to in Article 36.
This Act does not apply to leases or rental housing management commission contracts signed before this Act became effective and which expire after this Act became effective, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.
Article 41
Those who served as employees of rental housing management of RHMB or RHSB before this Act becomes effective may continue the operation for the next two years since the day this Act becomes effective. Those who do not become qualified rental housing managers within two years shall not continue their operation of RHMB and RHSB.
Rental housing service businesses will be punished pursuant to Sub-Paragraph 4 of Article 37 if employing rental housing managers who act in contravention of the previous Paragraph.
Article 42
Foreigners may take the qualification examination and the training of rental housing managers pursuant to the Article 26.
Qualified foreigners who have registered and acquired a rental housing manager permit may be employed as rental housing managers.
Foreigners employed as rental housing managers in the Republic of China are required to use the writing system of the Republic of China (standard Chinese characters) for all business-related documents and illustrations. Nonetheless, if their clients are not proficient in Chinese, translations in other languages that their clients understand may also be included.
Article 43
Before the National Joint Association is formed, affairs it is responsible to shall be performed by agencies, associations, or schools designated by the competent authority in the central government.
Article 44
Applicants of permits for starting rental housing service businesses and registration certificates shall be charged fees, the standard of which shall be stipulated by the competent authority in the central government.
Article 45
The competent authority in the central government shall stipulate the detailed regulations to implement this Act.
Article 46
This Act shall become effective six months after its promulgation.
Amendments to this Act shall be effective from the date of its promulgation, with the exception of Article 34 and Article 38-2, which shall be effective on a date to be specified by the Executive Yuan.