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Chapter 1. General Provisions
Article 1
This Act is enacted to protect people’s right to housing, create a robust rental housing market, protect the rights of the lease parties, and develop the rental housing service industry.
Article 2
The competent authority is the Ministry of the Interior in the central government, the municipal governments in municipalities, and the county (city) governments in counties (cities).
Article 3
The terms used in this Act shall be defined as follows:
1. Rental housing: A residential unit (an apartment, a house, etc.) that is rented for residential uses.
2. Rental housing contract (hereinafter referred to as the lease): A contract in which one party agrees to rent out a residential unit for the other party's use, and the latter agrees to pay rent in return.
3. Rental housing service business: Rental housing management business and rental housing subleasing business.
4. Rental housing management business (hereinafter referred to as RHMB): Corporations commissioned by the lessor to manage rental housing.
5. Rental housing subleasing business (hereinafter referred to as RHSB): Corporations rent rental housing and then sublease and manage it.
6. Rental housing management service: inspecting the space and fixtures of the rental housing to check for wear, tear and damage, collecting rent, managing security deposits, handling day-to-day maintenance, mediating disputes, and dealing with other matters related to rental housing management.
7. Business venue: stores, offices, and other places where RHSB and RHMB run their business.
8. Rental housing manager: a person employed by a rental housing service business to provide service.
9. Subleasing: renting rental housing and then leasing all or part of it to others for residential purposes and collecting rents.
10. Sub-lessor: a person who leases all or part of her leased rental housing to others.
11. Sub-lessee: a person who pays rent to rent rental housing for residential purposes from a lessee.
12. Parties of rental housing service: a commissioner of RHMB services and a lessee, or a lessor and a sub-lessee in RHSB services.
13. Security deposit: Money lessees pre-pay as collateral for compensation for damaged rental housing and duties arising from dealing with leftover things.
Article 4
This Act is not applicable to rental housing if any of the following conditions hold:
1. For recreational or tourism purposes.
2. Managed and operated by governments or legal entities established by governments.
3. Managed by cooperatives.
4. Lease period less than 30 days.