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Chapter 4 Supplementary Provisions
Article 21
The savings in an account applicant’s child and youth savings account shall not be counted into the total household income or family property defined in other laws and regulations, and shall not be used for offsetting, seized, provided as security, or subject to compulsory enforcement.
Prior to savings withdrawal in accordance with Article 16, an account applicant may open a special account with a financial institution by presenting proof of savings in the child and youth savings account, as issued by the competent authorities at municipality/city/county levels, for the exclusive purpose of depositing the aforesaid savings.
Paragraph 1 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the savings in the aforesaid special account within ten years from the 18th birthday of the account applicant.
Article 22
The competent authorities at municipality/city/county levels may utilize private resources and employ social workers to provide counseling and relevant assistance to any account applicants who have not made deposits for three to six consecutive months, their legal representatives, or closest relatives.
Article 23
The competent authorities may organize and carry out training programs on financial management, career planning, and parenting education for account applicants, their legal representatives, or closest relatives.
Regarding the aforesaid training programs and counseling, the competent authorities may combine the efforts of the authority in charge of the sector or professional organizations to provide professional services.
Article 24
The competent authorities may receive donations from all sectors for affairs pertaining to child and youth savings accounts.
The competent authorities shall handle the aforesaid donations in accordance with the Charity Donations Destined for Social Welfare Funds Implementation Regulations, and shall announce the handling status on a regular basis.
Regulations governing the utilization and distribution of the donations set forth in the first paragraph and other relevant matters shall be established by the central competent authority.
Article 25
The competent authorities may request relevant agencies, institutions, legal entities, associations, or individuals to provide personal information required to carry out tasks pertaining to the Act. Those receiving such a request must not refuse without justification.
Article 26
Any individual who participated in the child and youth savings account program established by the central competent authority before the Act comes into effect, shall be regarded as a child and youth savings account applicant defined in the Act, and shall be subject to the Act.
Article 27
The Act shall come into effect on the date of promulgation.