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Title: Volunteer Service Act CH
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Chapter 5 Measures for Promoting Volunteer Services
Article 16
Volunteer service exercisers shall effect accident insurance for their volunteers, and may subsidize traffic, dining and special
insurance where necessary.
Article 17
Where a volunteer who performs well in volunteer service needs a volunteer service performance certificate for entrance into a
school of higher grade, advanced study, employment or other reasons, the volunteer service exerciser shall produce him/her a
service performance certificate.
The central competent authority shall call the regulating departments of objective undertakings and the municipal or county
(city) governments together to negotiate on and determine the authentication and certificate format of the above-mentioned
service performance.
Article 18
Every industry competent authority may, depending on respective business needs, allocate old devices and equipment free of charge to relevant units which employ volunteer services for their use.
Article 19
Volunteer service exercisers shall periodically evaluate the service performance of individual volunteers and teams.
The competent authorities and the regulating departments of objective undertakings may select models from those who have
performed excellently in volunteer service, and provide awards for them.
The competent authorities and the regulating departments of objective undertakings shall periodically handle volunteer service
appraisal for the departments promoting volunteer services and the volunteer service exercisers.
The competent authorities and the regulating departments shall provide awards for the departments and the exercisers that get
excellent grades in the above-mentioned appraisal.
Excellent performance in volunteer service shall be provided with awards, and may be listed as a part of performance for
entering a school of higher grade or seeking employment.
Measures of the above-mentioned awards shall be separately prescribed by the competent authority of each level and the
regulating department of objective undertakings.
Article 20
A volunteer who has served for more than three (3) years and accumulated more than three hundred (300) hours may submit documentary identification to the local competent authority to apply for the issue of a voluntary service honor card.
Volunteers awarded a voluntary service honor card shall be admitted free of charge to public scenic spots, recreational venues, and cultural and educational facilities which require entrance charges.
After the amendment and enforcement of this Law, the benefit of half price set forth under regulations of Paragraph 1 and 2 shall apply mutatis mutandis to members who have served for more than three (3) years and accumulated more than three hundred (300) service hours in civil defense organizations, volunteer police, volunteer traffic police, volunteer firefighters, neighborhood watch, mountain volunteer police, disaster prevention and relief groups, and disaster prevention and relief volunteer groups which are organized pursuant to regulations of other laws.
Article 21
A volunteer who has performed well in volunteer service and has been confirmed may preferentially attend the related
substitute service of military service; and the regulations shall be prescribed by the central competent authority.