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Title: Volunteer Service Act CH
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Chapter 2 Competent Authorities
Article 4
The competent authorities referred to in this Act are the Ministry of Health and Welfare at central government level, the municipal governments at the municipality level, and the county (city) governments at the county (city) level.
The affairs specified in this Act that associate with the authority of regulating department of each objective should be governed individually by each regulating department.
The competent authorities and regulating department of each objective named above shall govern the planning and implements of the rights, obligations, recruitment, education and training, commendations and rewards, welfare, security, promotion and appeal of volunteer workers. The authorities and responsibilities are as followed:
1.Competent Authorities: Govern the coordination of two or more regulating departments that conduct social services, and also other integrated planning affairs.
2.Regulating Departments: Govern fields of public interests such as social services, education, counseling, culture, science, physical education, fire rescue, disaster rescue, traffic safety, environmental protection, hygiene and health care, cooperation and development, economy, research, exploitation of volunteers’ workforce, development of joint cooperation, and improvement of volunteer services, etc.
Article 5
The competent authorities and industrial competent authorities shall dedicate personnel to handle matters with respect to voluntary service; the number of such personnel shall be determined by the respective competent authority and industrial competent authority in accordance with each of their actual business needs. The coordination task of the voluntary service for the integration of related matters in planning, researching, coordinating and developing community resources and innovating community service projects shall be held at least one (1) time per year.
For units employing volunteer service, communicative counseling shall be strengthened and necessary assistance shall be offered.
Article 5-1
The central competent authority shall conduct a research survey of voluntary service at least every five years, and publish statistical reports.