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Chapter 7 Supplementary Provisions
Article 113
The fines prescribed in this Act and Paragraph One of Article 14 of the Organized Crime Prevention Act shall be imposed by the Central Election Commission. If anyone does not pay the fine within the time limit after being notified, the case will be transferred to the judicial authority for coercive execution according to law.
Article 114
Within the period from the day when the registration of candidates is finished to the next day of the polling day, the National Security Agency shall take charge of maintaining the safety of the candidates for President and Vice President in the free regions of the ROC under the assistance of the relevant government agencies. Regulations governing implementation of the safety maintenance shall be prescribed by the National Security Agency.
Article 115
For the elections for which the public notice for election has been issued and the proposals of recall that has been transferred to the Central Election Commission before the amendment of this Act is enforced, the provisions before amendment shall still apply.
Article 116
The Enforcement Rules of this Act shall be prescribed by the Ministry of the Interior jointly with the Central Election Commission.
Article 117
The Act shall be effective since the date of promulgation.
The amended articles revised on May 5th, 2006 shall be effective since July 1st, 2006 , while the amended articles revised on May 12, 2009 shall be effective since Nov 23, 2009.