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Chapter 7 Supplementary Provisions
Article 130
The fines prescribed in this Act and Paragraph One of Article 14 of Organized Crime Prevention Act shall be imposed by the election commission.
The election commission may directly deduct the fine prescribed in the preceding Paragraph from the deposit paid by the candidates or the political parties referred to in Article 32 or from the subsidies apportioned to candidates for campaign expenditures referred to in Article 43 if the candidates or the political parties fail to pay the fine within the specified time limit after being notified.
Article 131
If the public notice of election has been issued or the proposal of recall has been raised to the election commission in charge before this Act is amended and enforced, the provisions prior to the amendment shall apply.
Article 132
The provisions prescribed in Articles 6 and 8 and Subparagraphs 1-3 of Article 12 of this Act shall not apply on the day when the Central Election Commission Organization Act is enacted.
Article 133
The Enforcement Rules of this Act shall be prescribed by the Ministry of the Interior jointly with the Central Election Commission.
Article 134
The Act shall be effective since the date of promulgation.
The amended articles revised on May 12, 2009 shall be effective since Nov 23, 2009.