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Chapter 8: Supplementary Provisions
Article 150
Overseas consular officials may perform notarial acts in their places of posting according to authorizing laws and rules.
When personnel referred to in the preceding paragraph perform notarial acts, provisions of this Act shall apply mutatis mutandis. Overseas consular officials may not make notarial deeds stipulated in Article 13 of this Act.
Rules of authorization mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be promulgated by the Judicial Yuan and the Executive Yuan.
Article 151
The enforcement rules of this Act shall be promulgated by the Judicial Yuan.
Article 152
This Act shall take effect two years from promulgation.
Amendments to this Act shall take effect from the date of promulgation, except that the amendments of Articles 26, 33, and 79, amended on December 15, 2009, shall take effect on November 23, 2009.