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Title: Civil Code CH
Category: Ministry of Justice(法務部)
Part Ⅰ General Principles
Chapter Ⅲ Things
Article 66
Real property is land and things which are constantly affixed thereto.
The products of the real property, if they are not separated therefrom, constitute a part of the real property.
Article 67
Personal property is any thing except real property mentioned in the preceding article.
Article 68
Accessories are things which are not part of the principal thing, but usually facilitate its utilization and belong to the same owner. However, if there is a particular custom in trade, such custom shall be prevalent.
The disposition of a principal thing extends to its accessories.
Article 69
Natural profits are products of the earth, animals, and other products which are produced from another thing without diminution of its substance.
Civil profits are interest, rentals and other revenue derived from the legal relation.
Article 70
A person who is entitled to the natural profits of a thing acquires the profits which are separated from the thing for the duration of his right.
A person who is entitled to the civil profits of a thing acquires them in proportion to the number of days for the duration of his right.