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Title: Civil Code CH
Category: Ministry of Justice(法務部)
Part Ⅰ General Principles
Chapter IV Juridical Acts
Section 6 - Voidance and Revocation
Article 111
If a part of a juridical act is void, the whole juridical act is void; however, if the juridical act could exist excluding the void part, the other part remains valid.
Article 112
If a void juridical act satisfies the requirement of another juridical act, the latter is valid if under the circumstances it may be assumed at its validity would have been intended by the parties on knowing of the voidance of the former.
Article 113
When a party made a void juridical act knew or might know that it was void, he shall be liable to recover the status of things to its original condition, or to compensate for any injury arising therefrom.
Article 114
If a juridical act has been revoked, it is deemed to have been void ab initio.
If a juridical act which is revocable was known or might have been known to the parties concerned, the provision of the preceding article shall apply mutatis mutandis to the revocation of the juridical act.
Article 115
Unless it is otherwise agreed upon, the acknowledgement of a voidable juridical act makes the juridical act valid from the moment when it was made.
Article 116
The revocation or acknowledgement of a juridical act shall be made by an expression of intent.
If the other party is known, the declaration of intent shall be made to him.
Article 117
If the validity of a juridical act depends upon the consent of a third party, the giving or the refusal of the consent may be declared to either one of the parties.
Article 118
The disposition of any object which is made by a person without title is effective only upon the acknowledgement of the person entitled.
If the person without title acquires title to the object after having made a disposition , the disposition is valid ab initio, but interests obtained by the original interested party or any third party shall not be affected thereupon.
In the preceding paragraph, if several incompatible dispositions have been made, only the earliest disposition is valid.