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Title: Civil Code CH
Category: Ministry of Justice(法務部)
Part Ⅰ General Principles
Chapter IV Juridical Acts
Section Ⅰ General Provisions
Article 71
A juridical act which violates an imperative or prohibitive provision of the act is void except voidance is not implied in the provision.
Article 72
A juridical act which is against public policy or morals is void.
Article 73
A juridical act which does not follow the formality required by the act is void unless otherwise provided by the act.
Article 74
If a juridical act whereby a person profiting by the difficulties, recklessness or inexperience of another causes to be delivered or promised pecuniary payment to such an extent that under that circumstances, the transaction is obviously unfair, the court may revoke the juridical act or reduce the payment upon the application of any interested person.
The application mentioned in the preceding paragraph must be made within one year from the date of the juridical act.